Kim Joo Hyuk and Moon Geun Young‘s agency Namoo Actors revealed polaroid pictures of the two actors. These polaroid pictures were taken just before 2012 Busan International Film Festival‘s Star Road Blue Carpet event. One of the pictures show both Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk posing together. This rare snapshot captures the two actors together for the first time since film “Love Me Not,” which the two costarred in.

In Kim Joo Hyuk’s picture alone, he looks humorous and caught off-guard. Moon Geun Young wrote “Oppa’s Dignity” on the photo for him. Moon Geun Young also took a picture by herself, holding her fist up and making a funny face at the camera. She wrote on her own photo, “You know what happens if you cheat on me, right?” Such comment is aimed at her dedicated fans. Moon Geun Young is well known for having a close, loving relationship with her fans. At the blue carpet event of BIFF, Moon Geun Young showed up with her “Running Man” name tag on the back and let a fan take the name tag.  

These revealed polaroid pictures are also for Kim Joo Hyun and Mon Geun Young’s fans. Other actors and actresses at Namoo Actors like Kim Kang Woo, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Yoon Ji, Jun Hye Bin, Ji Sung, and Han Hye Jin also took proof shots of themselves at BIFF. Any fan could submit a snapshot they took of their favorite Namoo Actor at BIFF to the agency’s official twitter to be eligible for lottery to receive one of these polaroid photos. The event will be open until October 12.