Kim Jung Hoon, actor currently starring in tvN’s “I Need Romance” and member of the disbanded duo UN, was charged with DUI on August 1st.

According to the Seoul Kangnam police, Kim was seen drinking at 10:40 a.m. on July 30th.  He had driven his Mercedes Benz about 200 meters down the road.  A concerned citizen in the same restaurant he was in suspected that he was intoxicated and called the police after seeing him stumbling into the driver’s seat of his car.

Upon examination, Kim’s blood alcohol level was found to be above the allowed 0.129 percent.  This results in the suspension of his driving license. 

Apart from his lead role in “I Need Romance” opposite Jo Yeo Jung, he is also to appear on Japanese TV via the music program “Gaon Monthly Countdown.”  He will be hosting the chart show that is set to premiere on Fuji TV on August 2nd.