Actor and singer Kim Jung Hoon will be releasing remake album “My Story” on October 9 and coming back as a singer after two years. The new album includes title song “Heart for Only One Person,” which is produced by Lee Hyun Seung, the composer of Kim Tae Woo‘s “Love Rain” and Baek Ji Young‘s “Don’t Forget.” He preserved all the sentimental aspects of the song to bring out memories about the era when the song was first released. 

The album also includes Shiingwa Chonjang‘s “Thorn,” Eve‘s “When You’re Like That,” Kim Won Joon‘s “While You’re Not Here,” Mr. Two‘s “White Winter” and so on. Kim Jung Hoon commented on his upcoming album, “Recently I watched tvN ‘Answer Me 1997‘ by a chance. Since it’s very similar to my story and memory of 1990s, I empathized greatly with the show and the characters. So I wanted to bring out nostalgia towards that time through music. I’m really nervous about this because I haven’t been a singer in a while.” 

Kim Jung Hoon’s been focused on his career as an actor for the past two or so years. He has starred in tvN “I Need Romance,” SBS “Dummy Mommy,” Movie “Sunday Punch,” and musical theatre production “Catch Me If You Can.” He will begin the official promotion of his new album on October 4 through tvn “People Inside.”