Kim Min Jae and Yeo Jin Goo are often said to resemble one another, but it turns out the two are actually university classmates as well!

Kim Min Jae recently gave an interview and shared, “I’m university classmates with Yeo Jin Goo. I took a year off before entering university, so we became classmates. We’ve taken classes together and have even grabbed meals together.”

Regarding how many people find the two actors to look similar, Kim Min Jae commented, “People who have seen me and Yeo Jin Goo together say, ‘You guys don’t look that similar in real life.’ Different from how people see us on TV, most people seem to think we don’t look that alike in real life.” He added with a laugh, “We often hear that even our voices are similar, but Yeo Jin Goo’s voice is much deeper than mine. His voice is as deep as 300 floors below the basement.”

Kim Min Jae most recently starred in MBC’s “Tempted,” which ended its run on Tuesday, May 1.

Catch up with Kim Min Jae in the first episode of “Tempted” below, if you haven’t already!

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