With the weather becoming warmer in Korea, many venture outside to enjoy the blooming cherry blossom trees, and these actors are no exception.

The lovable Shin Rin Ah and Kim Min Suk recently went on a trip to Lotte World, an amusement park located in Seoul. Shin Rin Ah posted photos from her happy excursion with her “Defendant” co-star, with a caption that referred to them by their characters’ names, Sung Kyu and Ha Yeon.

They shoot up identical v-signs in one photo, while they happily smile while riding a merry-go-round in another (which is visible if you click on the right arrow below).

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롯~데월드~? . . #성규와하연#김민석

신린아(@shin_rina)님의 공유 게시물님,

The pair constantly warmed hearts during their drama’s run with their close, sibling-like relationship. Kim Min Suk may be worried that his little lady will forget about him soon, but Shin Rin Ah definitely still adores her “older brother”!

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