In a recent interview, actor Kim Min Suk shared the life advice he has received from actors he has worked with in the past, including Song Joong Ki, Kim Rae Won, and Ji Sung.

Kim Min Suk has had an eventful past year: the actor has been a part of some of the most successful K-dramas of 2016 and 2017, including “Descendants of the Sun,” “Doctors,” and “Defendant,” which has earned him the nickname “box-office hit fairy.”

The actor is known for his sociability and receives a lot of love from the senior actors that he has worked with. The actor revealed that, even after finishing filming with Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Rae Won, and Ji Sung, they continued to call him “Our Min Suk” and looked after him. The actor shared that he learned to take care of himself and how to be responsible from them.

Kim Min Suk said, “My life changed after meeting those actors. Joong Ki told me, ‘Do things your way. Each person has their own way of doing things so don’t mind what others are doing.’ Rae Won told me, ‘Don’t be fazed by anything. You’re still young so you need to live more freely.’ Ji Sung asked to get a drink with me separately and said, ‘A drama starts because of you so, even if it’s tiring, you need to do your very best,’ which caused me to tear up.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Suk’s drama “Defendant” recently ended with its highest ratings ever and the actor shares his thoughts on his character’s ending in the drama.

“Defendant” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!

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