Kim Min Suk has been cast in his first ever lead role!

The actor will be starring in KBS2’s upcoming drama special “May Reach, May Not Reach” (literal translation).

“May Reach, May Not Reach” is about how two curling athletes end up becoming partners. Rising star and national team-prospect Young Joo returns back to her hometown due to an inexplicable feeling. There, she encounters Sung Chan, the object of her past one-sided affection.

Kim Min Suk will be taking on the lead male role of Sung Chan, who is described as a playful, yet tsundere character. While he was on the national men’s curling team before his enlistment, he ends up joining a mixed (coed) curling team after his discharge from the military. Sung Chan’s and Young Joo’s lives become entangled when they meet again, although she dislikes the idea of being on the same team as him and they frequently butt heads as a result.

Kim Min Suk has steadily been building his career over the past few years, and has been lauded for his memorable supporting roles in hit dramas like “Descendants of the Sun,” “Doctors,” “Defendant,” and “Because This Is My First Life.”

Regarding his new project, Kim Min Suk expressed, “I’m excited to create this meaningful production together and I’m happy to be able to act with good producers and actors. I will do my best in order to show you a new side unique to myself.”

KBS2’s “May Reach, May Not Reach” will premiere on November 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

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