Kim Rae Won has picked his post-military service project, though he’s yet to be discharged in August.  Fans will see the actor come back on the small screen with Su Ae of “Athena” in the drama “A Thousand Day’s Promise.”

“A Thousand Day’s Promise” is Kim Rae Won’s first drama in three years.  His last project before entering the mandatory service was his lead role in 2008’s “Gourmet.”  

“I have read many movie and drama scripts,” the actor is reported to have said through his management.  “As I will be marking my comeback after three years, I have many expectations and pressure.  I do not regret choosing this drama, and I look forward to the shoot.”

Penned by “Life Is Beautiful” scenarist Kim Soo Hyun, “A Thousand Day’s Promise” is about a woman who slowly loses her memory and the man who stands by her side.  It will replace SBS Monday-Tuesday historical drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” in September.