Although Kim Sae Ron and Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun are the best of friends, they, too, get into arguments sometimes.

On the November 10 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” the two girls made an appearance on the show and talked about their friendship. Kim Sae Ron shared, “We were both introduced by a close friend. Lee Soo Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Bo Ra, and I see each other frequently.”

They cutely complained about each other, revealing why they get into quarrels. Kim Sae Ron said, “Lee Soo Hyun eats ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes) everyday. We met last time, and she wanted to eat it again, so we did.” She said she wished they would eat pork rib hangover soup, as well.

Lee Soo Hyun revealed, “When Kim Sae Ron sleeps, she takes too much of the blanket. There were four blankets on the bed, but she stole them all, so it was very cold.”

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