Kim Sejeong recently held an online showcase for her second solo mini-album I’M.


Kim Sejeong participated in writing and composing all the songs on the mini-album, including the title track “Warning,” which features IllBOI. She confessed, “This is the first time that I did all the songs on the album, so I’m nervous.” She added, “I was in charge of so many things that I had a lot of thoughts going through my head.

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This is Kim Sejeong’s first comeback as a singer in seven months as she was filming the hit K-Drama The Uncanny Counter.

It’s not like I thought that after finishing a K-Drama, ‘I should release an album now.’ As I was filming the show [The Uncanny Counter], I wrote down ideas for songs as they came to me. After the show ended, I looked over those notes and took the time to organize them. It’s my first new album in seven months, but it feels like it’s been a year. It’s been fun more than it’s been hard. I had fun preparing it because I wanted to show people the kind of music only I could do.

—Kim Sejeong

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She also shared that the message of the album was about how people take a break. She shared that writing the album’s songs was fun because it just felt like a hobby or that she was playing. She added, “I put myself into the songs, but I was worried about whether other people would relate to them.

When I have a big project, I always take a break for two weeks. When I have a long break, I divide that time in two. First, I go to the countryside to visit my family. Second, I spend time with friends I haven’t met in a while. Finally, I stay at home alone and do absolutely nothing.

—Kim Sejeong

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When asked about collaborating with IllBOI, she said that she requested the agency to request him for the album, and he immediately agreed. She shared that she would love to try rapping one day, but currently, she needs more practice.

Check out her song “Warning” below!