TV Report has published a report that claims that actress Kim So Eun and f(x)’s Victoria has been cast for the MC role of KBS W‘s new show “Glitter.” This is supposedly based off the reports of various individuals working in the entertainment industry.

However, a representative from the show refused to confirm reports saying that the show is currently being prepared to air in August and that the MC roles are something that is still being favourably discussed and that they will reveal everything once they have confirmed various details. They have also claimed that the program name is tentative and that they have yet to set a concrete recording date.

What we know so far is that “Glitter” is a new program being produced by cable channel KBSN’s KBSW division. The program will involve providing trendy life tips to women in their 20’s and will cover aspects such as beauty know hows, fashion, restaurants and other trendy places. The program is expected to be 60 mins long.

If the reports turn out to be true, this will be Kim So Eun’s first MC role while Victoria has prior MC experience when she was one of the MC’s for the 2011 MBC End Of Year Music Festival, where she was co-MC with her “We Got Married Season 2” partner Nichkhun and fellow “We Got Married” casts Jo Kwon, Ga In, Lee Jang Woo, Ham Eun Jung, Lee Teuk, and Kang Sora.

These type of women trend programs seem to be pretty popular lately. MBC Every1 had a somewhat similar program with the Single’s series while a new women focused cable channel MBC QueeN launched a few months back with programs like Trend KeywordSon Dambi’s Beautiful Days, and The QueeN. It will be interesting to see if this is a sustained trend or just a blip in the radar.