Kim So Eun picked 2PM’s Nichkhun as her favorite idol star, disappointing many fans that were hoping for her MBC “Music & Lyrics” relationship with Junho to happen in real life.

On April 20, during the press conference for JTBC’s new drama, “Happy Ending,” Kim So Eun was asked, “Who’s your favorite idol star?” Since she created many sweet moments with 2PM’s Junho in MBC “Music & Lyrics” as a couple until just recently, fans were expecting her to mention Junho’s name.

However, Kim So Eun surprisingly responded, “I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.” Her explanation for picking Nichkhun over Junho has not been reported yet, but it definitely brought down the hopes of many Kim So Eun-Junho fans.

Netizens commented, “Was she just flirting with Junho?” “Nichkhun is mine, don’t even try Kim So Eun,” and “Both guys are just too hot.”

Meanwhile, “Happy Ending” is a family drama starring Choi Min Soo, Shim Hye Jin, So Yoo jin, and Kim So Eun. The first episode will air on April 23.