Kim So Eun transforms into an angel in her Chinese drama debut “Secret Angel.” Photos of the actress while filming were released in anticipation of the drama’s first broadcast on March 21. In the pictures, Kim So Eun wears the white wings typically associated with angels. She is also suspended on wires to achieve the flying scenes in the drama.

According to reports in local news agencies, Kim So Eun spent nine hours shooting these scenes that will be seen in the first episode of “Secret Angel.” Reports also say the actress and the production crew have conducted simulations and that Kim So Eun adapted to performing with the wires and harness quickly.

The shooting took a while because it was difficult for the actress to move her hands and legs while having control of the wires she is suspended on. It was reported that she received applause at the end of a long day.

“Kim So Eun shot for over nine hours working with wire harnesses, but she didn’t show signs of it being difficult for her,” an official at the shooting scene told local news media. “She showed enthusiasm and her talent as an actress.”

In “Secret Angel,” Kim So Eun plays a charming but clumsy angel. She co-stars with singer Jang Woo Hyuk and Chinese actor Chun Si Ang.

The drama will be aired on digital TV, through, and via satellite in 27 cities across China, including Shanghai and Beijing.