Actress Kim So Eun recently revealed her real weight on television!

On the June 6 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married,” on-screen couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun enjoyed a fun date in Seoul, away from their countryside home in Gimpo.

During the episode, Kim So Eun made the suggestion of trying out bungee jumping to Song Jae Rim, as she had previously gifted him with a coupon for bungee jumping together while on their trip to Turkey for their honeymoon.

Before going up to bungee jump, Kim So Eun made another surprising suggestion of having the rope tied to his ankles instead of his body, to which Song Jae Rim jokingly responded, “Do you want to die. Let’s take this outside, I told you not to do [things like that].”

The couple was then asked to weigh themselves, and Kim So Eun tried to run away from Song Jae Rim, who attempted to look at the number on the scale. When the actress stepped onto the scale, it read 45 kilograms. Just a few moments later, the number jumped up to 77 kilograms, surprising everyone. However, it was revealed that Song Jae Rim had pushed down on the scale from behind her.

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