Kim So Hyun and Kim Woo Bin make quite the couple due to their dazzling looks.

On June 26, Kim So Hyun posted a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “While filming a commercial with Kim Woo Bin oppa.”

In the revealed image, she is standing with the male actor, both of them using one of their hands to form a heart together. Their cute couple look especially pops out, with Kim Woo Bin wearing a blue shirt and Kim So Hyun wearing a blue skirt. The cool blue tone is perfect for summer couple fashion.

The bond between the two makes them look as if they are very close siblings or a sweet couple. There is no wonder about the fact that the two seem very close, as they are both under the same management agency.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun had recently taken on a double role in the KBS2 drama “Who Are You- School 2015,” and has now started filming the movie “Pure Love.” Kim Woo Bin is currently picking his next script since his last movie “Twenty.”

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