During an interview with Sports Seoul, Kim So Hyun spoke up about her stance as an actress without real-life dating experience.


Kim So Hyun, who is already a well-known actress at just 23 years old in Korean age, is famous for having no real-life dating experience.


When she was asked if it was difficult to act in romance projects as a result, she replied, “Since I have no dating experience, I have a hard time understanding romance, so when there are breakups or heavy feelings involved in what I’m working on, I often feel overwhelmed.


Kim So Hyun continued, “For that reason, I do my best to feel real emotions when I act. At times, I get so into it that I feel like I actually love my on-screen love interest.


She explained, “I feel like I don’t seem convincing if I try to act it out, so I try my best to have sincere feelings.

Kim So Hyun just wrapped up her latest drama, River Where the Moon Rises, and is currently searching for her next work.