The two leads of last year’s popular fantasy drama “Bring It On, Ghost” are still supporting each other!

On April 2, actress Kim So Hyun shared a photo of herself on Instagram giving a thumbs up in costume while standing next to a snack and coffee truck. She wrote in the caption, “The coffee and snacks that Taecyeon sent! Thank you. I’ll enjoy them and get strength for filming.”

Taecyeon will soon be enlisting for military service, and he wrote in the banner on the snack truck, “So Hyun, come visit me!” while using the word for when friends and family visit soldiers in the army.

Kim So Hyun is currently filming her new historical drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” (working title), which also stars Yoo Seung Ho, INFINITE’s L, and more, and is planned to premiere in May.

You can watch Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon in “Bring It On, Ghost” below!

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