After completing their final mission last episode, Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon have revealed their feelings on leaving “We Got Married.”

Kim So Yeon said through her agency, Namoo Actors, “There were many things to be grateful for while filming ‘We Got Married.” It was a beautiful and happy time. I will treasure the memories and work harder at showing a better side of myself as an actress.”

She also thanked the production staff who had worked with her on the show, as well as all the fans who supported the “SiSo” couple. “I’m also grateful to Kwak Si Yang for his positive energy,” she concluded.

Kwak Si Yang also released a statement through his agency. “When I realized it was the end, I felt regretful that I didn’t do better. I learned a lot and I’m thankful to the staff for bringing together the “SiSo” couple. “We Got Married” helped me remember my roots. Thank you to all the viewers who cheered us on and I hope to meet you again through a new production soon.”

The two actors have been a couple on the show since last September. Are you sad to see them go?

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