Two Weeks” star Kim So Yeon is lovely in pink for “Elle.”

A bright pink tulle dress combined with her short black hair brought out her charming side. She is also seen wearing a pink shade of lipstick with a beige blouse.

The actress has gained much attention from her previous lead role in popular drama, “Prosecutor Princess.” She returns to television in the upcoming MBC drama “Two Weeks,” also starring Lee Jun Ki.

In an interview with Elle, she revealed that her decision was due to her trust in the scriptwriter So Hyun Kyung, who also wrote “Prosecutor Princess.” She believed that the success of her role had a lot to do with how the scriptwriter had molded the character. She expected a similar amount of chemistry with this new drama.

You can catch the full interview in the August issue of “Elle.” “Two Weeks” will also begin airing in MBC in August.

kim so yeon for elle

kim so yeon for elle