On June 26, KBS hit drama “Producer” treated fans to one last broadcast before going off air. The 100-minute special contained never-before-seen footage of NG (“No Good”) cuts as well as behind-the-scenes and making-of clips.

The NG cuts were a gold mine and allowed viewers to see just how much effort and self-restraint went into shooting some of the drama’s most serious scenes. This series of NG cuts from an important scene where actors Kim Soo Hyun and IU share their feelings for each other is no exception.

Kim Soo Hyun cannot stop cracking up and apologizes repeatedly. But when Kim Soo Hyun seems to have finally gotten it together, IU causes the NG. A frustrated staff member can be heard joking, “How about the next person that causes an NG getting a slap in the face?” But the threat proves to have no bite as Kim Soo Hyun, again, cracks up.

Watch their exchange in the video above, and share with us how you’ve been dealing with “Producer” withdrawal!

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