Actor Kim Soo Hyun and figure skater Kim Yuna recently coupled up for a CF.

On March 9, sportswear brand Prospecs released photos of the couple from their recent photoshoot.

KYN: Soo Hyun oppa, is your White Day present ready? KSH: Of course~ This White Day, I will melt all

[Captions – Kim Yuna: Soo Hyun oppa, is your White Day present ready? Kim Soo Hyun: Of course~ This White Day, I will melt all the girls’ hearts with my giant candy!]

In the photos, the Soo Hyun-Yuna couple is wearing matching sports t-shirts, showing off the fresh image of young adults in their early 20s. Their expressions are as fresh and bright as the colors of the clothes they’re wearing, giving the feeling that spring has already arrived.

The following photos are stills of the CF, where the two endorse Prospecs’ new line of athletic shoes, the W Cool Pink for women, and W Power for men.

[KYN: Oppa! Actually…girls don’t like getting candy as a present. KSH: Really? Then instead of candy, what do they exactly like?’

[KYN: There’s something else that girls want as a present! Try giving them W Cool Pink shoes. KSH: Oh, that doesn’t look bad. The color and design is great, great!]

[KYN: Your girlfriend can wear the W Cool Pink, and you can wear the W Power. The two of you could have a fun, romantic White Day and W Time. KSH: Romantic W Time?]

[KYN: Even on White Day… KSH: If you want something light, it’s W Time!]

The theme of the CF refers to the upcoming White Day on March 14, a nationally celebrated day where the men get to respond to the women that expressed their love to them on Valentine’s Day. Kim Soo Hyun, of “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” fame, and figure skating queen Kim Yuna made a powerful couple for the CF.

Viewers that saw the photos commented, “Kim Yuna is prettier than most celebrities,” “King Hwon looks somehow looks younger,” “The both of them look so fresh. I want to see them acting together,” and “It’s the popular couple.”

The making film for the CF and information on the merchandise can be found on the official website for Prospecs.