For the April 12 broadcast of tvN’s “Location Talk Show TAXI” which will be the second part of Kim Soo Hyun’s special had the “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” costar Jung Eun Pyo as a guest.

The two talked about different incidents during the filming of “The Moon That Embraces the Sun.” During the talks that went back and forth, Kim Soo Hyun talked about a funny incident involving himself, fans, and Song Jae Rim.

Kim Soo Hyun stated, “While ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ was broadcasting, I was walking with costar Song Jae Rim. When we walked, fans were following us. We both thought that the fans came for us and turned around. However, the fans had actually come for somebody besides the two of us.”

Kim Soo Hyun also talked about Jung Eun Pyo’s children, and the two also did a skit together on the show.

The production team of “Location Talk Show TAXI” stated, “While the MCs were away Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Eun Pyo did a skit together which showed perfect synergy.”