Actor Kim Soo Hyun proudly confessed that he has finally moved to a house that he leased.

On an episode of tvN “Taxi” which airs on April 13, Kim Soo Hyun told the MCs that he has moved from living in a month to month rental to a leased house. He also enlightened the MC’s on how he got started into the acting business.

Kim Soo Hyun said, “I am really extremely introverted and before, I couldn’t even meet other people’s eyes. I started acting on stage to try to get better at speaking in front of other people. However, after a period of time, I started to feel excited about acting in front of others and that was when I decided to continue to pursue in this field.”

Kim Soo Hyun also continued to share how he recently moved out of the house where the was living on a month to month rental contract to a house he has leased.

He proudly stated, “We recently leased a house. It is the first time in 20 years that we were able to move to a house that we leased. My mother was really happy. Later on, I hope I can buy a great house that my family can live in.” His words showed how much he cared for his family. (In Korea, moving from a monthly rent to a leased apartment, and eventually to an owned house, shows improvement in living standards and a reflection of one’s social status).

For this episode of “Taxi” Kim Soo Hyun also shared many stories behind the scene of MBC’s popular drama, “Moon That Embraces The Sun.”

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Kim Soo Hyun hopes that his family can live in a house that they own.