Actor Kim Soo Hyun is visiting U.S. cities for the promotion of his movie “Secretly and Greatly,” according to Newsen.

Kim Soo Hyun began promoting on July 19 and will continue until July 20 for “Secretly and Greatly,” which plays in theaters in America and Canada from July 16 to July 26. He will visit the AMC theaters located in LA Universal Studio, Citywalk, Orange, and Norwalk, as well as Fashion Valley in San Diego.

“Secretly and Greatly” showcases Kim Soo Hyun’s character of an idiot, combining the themes of hardship and action to bring a unique movie to theaters. The movie is about a group of North Korean spies who disguise themselves as an idiot, a musician, and a high school student to infiltrate South Korea.

Upon hearing of Kim Soo Hyun’s visit, representatives from the theater talked with him and had an interview. Korean pop and Korean movies are quickly becoming popular in America, and are also spreading cultural influence throughout the world.

The premiere of “Secretly and Greatly” in American and Canadian theaters suggests that Kim Soo Hyun is not just a Korea star, but a rising global star as well.