Actor Kim Soo Hyun revved up the excitement for the Japanese premiere of his 2012 film “Thieves.” The film opened in 50 theaters across Japan on the last weekend of June, simultaneously gathering more than 10,000 viewers on the first day.

Kim Soo Hyun received a warm welcome from the Japanese audience through an event organized by his official fan club. It was reported that more than 300 people came out to receive him upon his arrival at Haneda Airport on June 29.

The day following, Kim Soo Hyun made two appearances at the TOHO Cinemas in Tokyo’s Ropponggi Hills to personally introduce the movie to his fans. As soon as he appeared, fans let out a cheer, proving his popularity. The actor learned a few greetings in Japanese, and created a light and friendly atmosphere, which won the hearts of his audience.

According to a representative of Kim Soo Hyun’s Japanese agency, “For an actor to personally introduce a film live on stage in theaters is an unusual event. But due to the request of Kim Soo Hyun’s fans, he has come to meet with these audiences personally. He is a notable young actor, and we realize that he is really one of the hotly popular stars nowadays.”

Kim Soo Hyun also attended an event with his official fan club at the Shibuya Public Hall, with about 2,000 local fans eager to meet him.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is leading a K-movie craze with his new film “Secretly and Greatly” also making the rounds of international screenings

Kim Soo Hyun in Japan