Kim Soo Hyun revealed Jun Ji Hyun’s real personality. Recently Kim Soo Hyun took part in a photoshoot for the “Star Lifestyle Magazine” titled “@star1.” During the photoshoot Kim Soo Hyun showed off his golden body ratio (Tall height and small face) through 12 different outfits. On that day, it snowed and rained. 

During his interview with “@star1” Kim Soo Hyun talked about the charms of actresses that he worked with such as Jun Ji Hyun.

Kim Soo Hyun said about the fellow “Thieves” star Jun Ji Hyun, “In my head my image of her was a very chic personality with haughtiness. However, the first day we ate together she would eat a lot. How does she maintain her body?”

He continued, “Jun Ji Hyun was very easy-going. I was moved by that side of her. On the film set I was very nervous but Jun Ji Hyun nuna would say ‘let’s go eat.’ Besides food she took good care of me.”

The photoshoot pictures and interview will release on the May edition of “@star1.” Also, as we reported yesterday, Jun Ji Hyun got married!