There has been quite a stir on the Internet when an old video surfaced showing that actor Kim Soo Hyun almost took part in the hit drama of 2009 “Boys Over Flowers.”

Recently on an online community board, a video and several screenshots were posted under the title “Kim Soo Hyun who almost was in ‘Boys Over Flowers.’”


The video was a clip from 2009 in the show “MNet Japan BOF Making,” showing the script reading with the cast members. In the video, Kim Soo Hyun looks a bit younger and can be seen sitting together with Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, Kim So Eun, and the rest of the cast, taking part in the script reading.

At the time, he was cast for dual role of Lee Jae Ha and Lee Min Ha. He read his lines the way he had prepared them; however, the director seemed dissatisfied with Kim Soo Hyun’s performance and told him to do it again. He could be seen looking bewildered. Coincidentally, just as he was criticized, the other actors broke into a laughter regarding something else and the young actor seemed to be cornered even more.

Afterwards, he tried again, but for whatever reason, the director was not satisfied. The role was ultimately given to Jung Eui Chul, and Kim Soo Hyun was not able to take part in the production.

However, this rejection served as a turning point in Kim Soo Hyun’s life. Even though he could have lamented his lost opportunity during the nationwide popularity of “Boys Over Flowers,” he was able to take advantage of his unfortunate event.

Kim Soo Hyun took part in “Will It Snow on Christmas?” as the younger version of Go Soo later on and left a strong impression on viewers. As a result of the drama, many praised his acting skills; it was the production that made him an actor to the viewers.

Afterwards, Kim Soo Hyun took part in SBS’ “Giant” and KBS’ “Dream High,” and was able to build the foundation that led him to be able to take part in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” most recently.

Netizens who watched left comments, such as, “I can’t believe they didn’t pick up Kim Soo Hyun. That was BOF’s mistake,” “Jung Eui Chul was good, but it would still have been good had Kim Soo Hyun played the role,” “It was because he didn’t do BOF that he was able to be in ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun,’” “Ultimately, it was a good result,” “The director must be regretting it now,” and more.

Kim Soo Hyun has recently peaked in his stardom due to his role in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” and is currently being flooded with CF love calls. With only two episodes left in the drama, Kim Soo Hyun’s post-production plans are highly anticipated.