Kim Soo Hyun’s photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine featuring his seven nights and eight days trip in London has been revealed.

In the photoshoot, Kim Soo Hyun showed charms of a man and a young boy. In one picture, with a padded vest matched with jeans, he shows off an energetic but cute charm. While in another one, he catches people’s eyes with his free and easy pose, which is overflowing with sexiness and charisma.

A person from the photoshoot complimented Kim Soo Hyun by saying, “This day, the staff was amazed by Kim Soo Hyun’s behavior. Even with a hard shoot schedule, he was like a pro until the end.”

Netizens, who saw the photoshoot of Kim Soo Hyun in London, had various reactions. They said, “It is just like I expected,” “I looked at it for a long time,” “The two charms are very nice,” “With Kim Soo Hyun as the model, a photoshoot really does look like a true photoshoot,” “Kim Soo Hyun is a man with many charms,” and “Kim Soo Hyun’s London photoshoot is amazing.”

Recently, on April 26, Kim Soo Hyun won the Top Most Excellent Actor Award at the “48th Baeksang Arts Awards.”