Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from four years ago with a list of requirements to his potential girlfriend has been drawing renewed interest online. Recently, a screenshot of Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from his personal home page was posted on an online community board. Written back in 2008, the diary entry playfully describes the demands he would like to make to his future girlfriend. He wrote:

“You have to feel sad because of me. You have to feel like dying, and also regret at some point. Whoever you see, you only have to think about me. And more than anything, you should never suspect me. You can never interfere with me because it’s annoying. I’m also pretty good at cursing. But you always have to be next to me when I need you, because I’m lacking love. You have to be quick-witted because I’m pretty hot-tempered. If you ever try to teach me, then you’ll die. Ah…buy me some medicine. I have a lot of minor ailments. I have an irregular pulse. I need surgery.”

“So, try to love me now. If you don’t think you can, cold-heartedly throw me away. Then I can at least cry in sorrow,” the star actor wrote in a rather playful voice.

Netizens who saw the entry wrote, “So, have you met a girl like that?” “I’ll fulfill all of that, let’s just date now,” and “You are just too lovely, Kim Soo Hyun.”

If you were to date him, do you think you can put up with all of his demands?