Recently, a video of Kim Soo Hyun in college was posted on an online community board, under the title, “Kim Soo Hyun when he was a rookie, on stage to singing.” The video was taken when Kim Soo Hyun was a theater major at Joongang University, and shows the star actor hosting what looks to be his school’s spring festival.

Unlike the title that mentions singing, the video does not have any footage of him actually singing a song. But what really caught the attention of most fans is his incredibly small face, which is an important beauty standard among K-Pop fans. In fact, his face appears to be clearly smaller than the female host standing next to him, making this video one of the hottest keywords on Korean portal sites.

Netizens commented, “The guy can act, host a show, and even sing well. What can he not do well?” “I wonder how many girls he hooked up with in college,” and “I wish I had his face.”