Actress Kim Sun Ah has voiced her dissatisfaction with the production of “Masked Prosecutor” on her personal social media account.

On June 27, Kim Sun Ah posted an image of the set on her Instagram account and frankly voiced her concern for the delay in shooting. With a picture of a row of waiting buses, she wrote, “The ‘Masked Prosecutor’ team is so behind on other shoots! If it was just one or two times, I’d be angry. Now I just want to laugh. They’re really training us, even this early. I should just go to the hospital to get my kendo injuries treated. It’s tiring to shoot while smiling. If you continue this way.” Another actor also voiced his frustration in a comment to the image, adding, “I also waited for two hours before I came back home.”

However, a staff from the drama told news outlet Daily Sports, “It was reported that Kim Sun Ah came to the set on June 27, but that is not true.”

They continued, “We had a morning shoot but she did not show up on time. Even the more veteran actors were on standby, but she didn’t end up coming.”

The “Masked Prosecutor” team claimed that the delay was not internal, but due to a dispute with a commercial shoot that was happening in the same space. They argued that the picture she has posted was not taken by her, and that “she posted the picture as if she was there, but she did not even show up to the shoot. Later she deleted the picture after realizing what she has done.”

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