Actress Kim Sun Ah recently sat down for an interview following the end of her SBS drama “Should We Kiss First?”

The drama is about a couple in their 40s who have experienced bitter disappointment in their lives, from getting divorced to being left behind in their respective jobs, and find love and healing in one another.

Kim Sun Ah said, “I think that ‘Should We Kiss First?’ is a special project. The drama shows you that anything could happen to you at any moment. Life, work, family, all of these things have an uncertain future. But the characters in the drama live through it all as if it’s fine. To have that relaxed mindset, you have to experience true heartbreak. I realized that love and life aren’t easy things. I realized that little things like saying ‘good morning’ to someone can become really rare in your life. I think I’ve learned a lot for my own life and I’m grateful to the project for that.”

About her chemistry with Kam Woo Sung, she said, “It was really good” and added that she was impressed by his passion. “It made a big impression on me how he didn’t lose focus up until the very end. He was very cool. I met him for the first time on this project and at first I couldn’t imagine how the chemistry between us would work at all. But after we started filming, it started to come together.”

She also shared her thoughts on her own future. “Acting is difficult, but somehow exciting. I think I continue acting because I really enjoy it. In order to get excited and keep my heart racing, I keep moving to the next step.”

She continued, “I don’t want to be embarrassed anymore. I don’t want to become a person who doesn’t try hard. Getting results, getting judged by someone is important, but piano players have moments where they just feel things in their performance. I find it fun but it’s important to do it with someone. So I’ve come a long way like this. I don’t want to get rusty so I will keep practicing my acting skills.”

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