Actor Yang Dong Geun and actress Kim Tae Hee were recently guests on MBC’s “Come To Play” Thirties’ Party special. Although they are a couple in their upcoming movie, “Grand Prix”, they brought lots of laughter on the show as they bickered back and forth together.

Kim Tae Hee commented on Yang Dong Geun saying, “At first, I couldn’t figure him out because it seemed like he said and did a lot of strange things. However, those things actually piqued my interest and I started being attracted to him.”

On the other hand, Yang Dong Geun’s close friend Lee Ha Neul said, “Yang Dong Geun helped out with DJ DOC’s seventh album. Before his kiss scene with Kim Tae Hee, he asked me for lots of advice.” He added, “There is something called the “Kim Jae Man” club connected to Yang Dong Geun. ‘Kim Jae Man’ is an acronym for ‘Making Kim Tae Hee Our Sister in Law.’” With this statement, the entire studio burst into laughter.

Be sure to check out Kim Tae Hee and Yang Dong Geun on the 13th.