Kim Tae Hee’s doing yoga and her body’s perfect.

Actress Kim Tae Hee revealed an unexpectedly glamorous body, and it’s making her male fans’ hearts flutter.

Recently, a post on Kim Tae Hee was made on an online community site with the title, “Kim Tae Hee is doing yoga.” This photo is garnering much attention and becoming a hot issue on the web.

This revealed photo was captured during SBS’s “Good Morning” in 2004. Kim Tae Hee is wearing a white tank top and doing a yoga pose in the photo.

Especially, the tight white tank top revealed Kim Tae Hee’s voluptuous bodyline, showing her unexpectedly glamorous, busty figure.

Netizens who saw the photos said, “Face of a god and a glamorous body? This is not fair,” “I’ve thought very long, but I couldn’t find anything that Kim Tae Hee lacks,” and “A photo of Kim Tae Hee doing yoga, it’s jaw dropping.”