Actress Kim Tae Hee, more known as a CF queen, is the envy of many women for her natural beauty, handsome younger brother and academic background. So it’s only natural that many female netizens try to dig up her past and find any embarrassing photo. But for the past several years, no pictures short of pretty were found… until now.

On October 28, an online community forum posted a picture with the title “A very hard to find embarrassing photo of Kim Tae Hee.” There’s a huge surge of interest amongst the local public and a link to her picture is listed on the front page of Korea’s largest search engine.

Inside the picture, she is looking over a rail at an undisclosed scenery holding a huge smile standing next to another lady.

Some of the many netizens who saw the picture gave various responses, “I didn’t think it was Kim Tae Hee. She looks drunk in this picture,” “Where is Kim Tae Hee? She’s youthful, sometimes sexy and cute.. she’s a real beaut,” “The embarrassing picture is even sexier and prettier,” “She’s lovely no matter when I see her!”

Soompiers, do you think this is an embarrassing photo?