Kim Tae Hee was chosen as the new face of brand “ISABEY de Paris” back in April, and has been working on a fall pictorial since.  The pictorial, along with the fall/winter 2011 catalogue has finally been released to the public online.

Despite the simple brown backdrop, the atmosphere of the pictorial exuded a chic style. Kim Tae Hee wowed fans dressed in natural, earthy colors and soft textiles. Interest was added using a dash of color, while the rest of the outfit consisted mainly of neutrals. Stylists kept her look simple, with few accessories, and minimal makeup for a relatively natural look. Staff commented that Kim Tae Hee looked elegant and sophisticated during the shoot.

Though the pictorial featuring only featured mainly brown and other earthy tones, the fall/winter catalogue included many others. Colors reminiscent of autumn such as orange and greens were prominent, while brighter, cooler tones, like bubblegum pink and bright purple, would be perfect for brightening a cold winter day.

Sources: Nate and Dienanh