Actress Kim Tae Hee recently showed some sisterly love and support for her younger brother Lee Wan‘s latest project.

On July 26, she updated her me2day with the following message and photos, “I was at work when I coincidentally saw my brother at a filming site. Out of sheer curiosity, the moment I came home I looked up on my phone ‘It’s Not Over Yet‘ and watched 4 episodes of it already. I love the plot so far and it kind of reminds me of ‘Love Letter.’ My brother, fighting on your next movie!” 

In the photos, Kim Tae Hee proudly holds up her brother’s script and displays sisterly affection for her younger brother. 

“It’s Not Over Yet” is the first drama Lee Wan has starred in since he was discharged from the army. It is a romantic drama about five men and women. Each episode is 10 minutes long and is available for viewing on Youtube, Facebook and other social networking sites. Lee Wan plays the role of a man named Kim In Chul, who is in love with his best friend’s girl friend (played by ex-After School member Kahi). The first episode was aired on July 22 and will continue on for 6 episodes. 

 We digged up the first episode for your viewing pleasure! However, it is not subtitled. 


Kim Tae Hee being the beautiful, supportive older sister. 


Lee Wan dressed for the part for “It’s Not Over Yet.”

Check out the first episode!