After a successful run with her latest drama, “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love,” the beautiful Kim Tae Hee revealed her thoughts on her current boyfriend Rain and the idea of marriage.

First, Kim Tae Hee revealed her true personality by saying, “It may seem like I have no flaws, but actually, I’m a little slow and I tend to say things out of context,” and “People who work with me say so.”

Next, Kim Tae Hee was asked when she wanted to get married. Around this time, news of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon to tie the knot in September was released.

Kim Tae Hee answered, “It takes a long time for me to date a guy. I’ve never had a relationship that lasted only a few months. I usually date a guy for at least one or two years. It takes a long time to get to know someone. So there needs to be time to build up that trust in each other and take that to marriage.”

When asked about her current boyfriend Rain and when she thinks they will get married, Kim Tae Hee plainly answered, “I don’t know.”