Lee Wan and professional golfer Lee Bo Mi are in a relationship.

On November 27, a source of the actor confirmed, “Lee Wan and Lee Bo Mi began dating sincerely since early this year. Both sides’ parents know that they are dating each other. The two are dating earnestly, but they have not set any specific marriage plans yet.” The source continued, “They are both from Catholic families, so they met through a priest they are close to. They were interested in each other and became closer through golf.”

Later that day, a source from Lee Bo Mi’s management agency YG Sports stated, “It is true that she is dating actor Lee Wan. They didn’t meet through golf, but they are both Catholic. They were introduced by a priest earlier this year.” The source also confirmed the actor’s statement in that both sides’ parents know about the relationship, and that there are no specific plans for marriage as of yet.

Lee Wan debuted in 2004 in “Stairway to Heaven,” in which he appeared in alongside his sister Kim Tae Hee. He has continued to be active in various works and most recently appeared in “Our Gap Soon” and SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.”

Lee Bo Mi joined the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association in 2007 and made her debut that year. She is currently competing in the LPGA of Japan Tour.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews