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Kim Tae Woo expressed his love for his wife and soon-to-be-born daughter on the most recent episode of “Immortal Song 2.”

The episode was part two of the show’s “Patti Kim Special,” in which a total of thirteen artists including Im Tae Kyung, Kim Tae woo, K.Will, Lyn, ALi, Sung Hoon, Sonya, Kang Min Kyung, Lee Jin Sung, Park Jae Bum, Taemin, John Park, and Ailee.

On this day, Kim Tae Woo sang as the thirteenth artist, and when the MC requested a video message, Kim said, “In four weeks, the baby will be born. At times like this, I should to be by my wife’s side. I feel badly about not being able to. The baby in the womb is a girl. I hope my daughter’s won’t look like me.”

MC Shin Dong Yup briefly encroached on the topic of Kim Tae Woo’s wedding date and his soon-to-be-child’s birth date and said, “Is it not a speed generation these days?” and brought much laughter. To this comment Patti Kim said to Shin Dong Yup, “You are very mean.”

Meanwhile, on this episode Kim Tae Woo sang “I Can’t Live without You,” and defeated Park Jae Bum who previously had two victories, and claimed the number one spot.