On September 28, Kim Tae Woo’s management released a warm family portrait of the veteran singer. In the photo, Kim Tae Woo sits together with his wife Kim Ae Ri, his 29-month-old eldest daughter So Yul, who is dressed in a matching white dress and hairband, and his 14-month-old second daughter Ji Yul. Both girls pose cutely and every member of the family holds up a cracker to his or her mouth as they smile for the photographer. The mood within the picture is happy and peaceful.

The news that Kim Tae Woo, his two daughters, and his beautiful wife will participate in the infant care variety show “Oh My Baby” was received with interest from his fans. On the September 26 broadcast of “Law of the Jungle” in particular, he had boasted about his wife’s gorgeous face and body.

“Oh My Baby” is expected to show us a side of Kim Tae Woo that we’ve rarely seen before–not the cool, handsome singer but the real, every day father of two little girls. Kim Tae Woo will make his first appearance on the show on October 4.

In other news, Kim Tae Woo will hold a charity concert to raise money for abandoned children on October 8 at Sangmyung University’s Kyedang Hall.