Singer Kim Tae Woo revealed that the baby that his wife is pregnant with is a son and expressed his happiness. He already has two daughters So Yool and Ji Yool.

On June 17, Kim Tae Woo held the showcase for his full album, “T-ROAD” in Seoul. Towards the end of the showcase, he began by saying, “In the morning, I went to the obstetrician’s office with my wife.”

He continued, “We weren’t going to ask, but we ended up asking the doctor what the gender of the baby was. We’re thankful.” He then revealed, “I am now a father of two daughters and one son. I will live more diligently now. I have achieved everything now.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Woo participated in composing, writing lyrics, and producing every track on his new album, T-ROAD and holds his sincerity. It will be revealed on June 18 through different digital websites.

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