Actors Kim Woo Bin and Go Soo revealed in a phone call with media outlet OSEN that they will be taking legal action together with the Korean Entertainment Management Association against advertisers for unpaid commercial contracts.

Kim Woo Bin’s agency SidusHQ confirmed, “It is true that [Kim Woo Bin] has not received his payment, and although there has been a court order to pay him his fees, he still has not been paid.” Moreover, “The Korean Entertainment Management Association is preparing to take legal action. We had already filed a complaint and even received a court order to receive our due fees, but since we haven’t, the lawsuit through the Korean Entertainment Management Association is yet another measure we are taking.”

A representative from Go Soo’s end said, “While conducting investigation on unpaid advertisement fees, the Korean Entertainment Management Association found a few more cases involving other actors. It is my knowledge that it’s because there are many people who have suffered from this that the Korean Entertainment Management Association is taking action for us.”

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