Actor Kim Woo Bin recently talked about one of his closest friends, fellow actor Lee Jong Suk. The two actors are most recognized and beloved for their roles in popular drama series, “School 2013,”  where they coincidentally starred as best friends too!

On his latest interview with MBC‘s “Section TV Celebrity Talk,” Kim Woo Bin shared, “My friendship with Lee Jong Suk continues to grow. I believe that love also exists in friendships.”

When asked whether Kim Woo Bin considered Lee Jong Suk as his competition since they are the same age, he replied, “There isn’t the slightest bit of rivalry felt between us, we’ve always sent each other uplifting and encouraging texts.” 

In related news, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin paired up again to endorse clothing brand “Trugen” for its Fall/Winter collection. Lee Jong Suk has also been garnering fame for his stellar performance in the drama series, “I Can Hear Your Voice.”