During the press conference for movie “Twenty,” Kim Woo Bin and the cast shared thoughts on the movie and various happening while filming.

Kim Woo Bin shared that the working condition was great and made him feel comfortable. He explained, “There was a lot of freedom during the filming, and the [staff] made everyone feel so comfortable that all scenes in the movie had at least one ad-lib.”

He also revealed that he had acted in a comedy genre before. “I had a funny character in a sit-com that stopped airing sooner than it was supposed to end. I also enjoy watching comedy movies and variety shows,” he said. Kim Woo Bin was in a sit-com called “Vampire Idol” in 2009.

The director also mentioned the background story of casting Kim Woo Bin for the movie. When the director first cast Kim Woo Bin for the role, he had not been cast yet for his role in “The Heirs.” “When I talked to Kim Woo Bin about ‘Twenty,’ it was before he was in ‘The Heirs.’ It was when I was writing the script that he became extremely popular with ‘The Heirs.’ In the beginning it was as if I said ‘I will let you be in this drama,’ but after the drama aired, I practically begged him to be in the movie.”

The movie “Twenty” is a comedy film that will be released on March 12.