Actor Kim Woo Bin recently revealed something about Lee Jong Suk’s personality, according to Sports Chosun.

On SBS’ “Good Morning” on July 23, Kim Woo Bin mentioned his best friend, Lee Jong Suk. He said, “Lee Jong Suk is a friend who is sensitive to others. He’s warm, caring, and compassionate. For that, I am grateful.”

Kim Woo Bin added, “He’s unpredictable. You never know what he’ll do or where he’ll go. I don’t know what the proper word for it is but he’s a chatty one.”

Kim Woo Bin was asked if he felt that Lee Jong Suk was a rival in terms of their jobs as actors. He replied, “No, if Jong Suk’s drama is turning out really well, I feel good.  I actually frequently check the viewer ratings for his dramas. One or two weeks ago, the ratings went over 20% and I got really excited so I snapped a photo of it and sent it to him in a message.”

He continued, “He’s not a rival, but a friend who I want to cheer on. I don’t feel competition between us. I hope that we’re both successful and we can someday work together on something really cool.”