Actress Kim Ye Won has become the wannabe icon for women in stills for upcoming drama “Rich Man, Poor Woman.”

“Rich Man, Poor Woman” is romantic story between Next In’s CEO Lee Yoo Chan and job seeker Kim Bo Ra. Lee Yoo Chan has an arrogant personality with the inability to recognize faces while Kim Bo Ra has a positive personality and a memory that matches that of Alpha Go’s.

Kim Ye Won will play Min Tae Ra who is the younger sister of Min Tae Joo (Oh Chang Suk). She is a well-rounded person who has great looks, personality, and skills. She works as a curator for her own gallery. With trendy fashion and overflowing confidence, she is the role model of other women. However, there is one thing perfect Min Tae Ra can’t have, which will be revealed in the drama.

In the released photos, Min Tae Ra is dressed in fashionable dresses. One is a classic black while the other one is red with floral patterns. She gives off a glamorous aura in her high-class gallery.

“Rich Man, Poor Woman” will air its first episode on May 9 at 11 p.m. KST and will be exclusively available on Viki!

Check out the teaser here:

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