WEi and former X1 Kim Yohan‘s birthday is coming up, and he is setting out to do a good deed in commemoration of it. On 22 September 2020, his company, Wi Entertainment, announced that he will be participating in one of the largest donation drives in South Korea, by donating proceeds from the auction of his Taekwondo Uniform.

| Wi Entertainment

The Weaja Sharing Drive 2020 received donations in the form of commemorative products from celebrities and sponsors, then auctions them and donates the proceeds to various causes. This year, the chosen cause is supporting children of families that have been affected by the coronavirus financially.

| Sports Donga

Yohan has stepped up by donating the Taekwondo uniform that he wore in his very first competition ever. In that competition, he also walked away with his first medal, making the uniform a very precious one to him. As a former Taekwondo athlete, he hopes that it will inspire people to chase their dreams as well.

Previously, Yohan has also donated to the coronavirus victims through Hope Bridge, showing that his heart is as good as gold. He is slated to appear as the male lead in the Korean remake for A Love So Beautiful to air later this year.