Looks like fans will be able to see child actress Kim Yoo Jung during the weekends again on the small screen.

On July 16, a drama production representative stated, “It’s been confirmed that Kim Yoo Jung will participate in MBC’s new weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow.’”

“Golden Rainbow” is a drama focusing on the relationships of seven orphans who are said to be closer than siblings related by blood. Using the ocean as the backdrop, the drama will handle the challenges and successes regarding marine fish marketing.

Kim Yoo Jung will take on the younger role of a character who will have a younger brother. She doesn’t remember her parents and will do her best facing through hardships. Currently, it’s planned that she will appear in roughly ten episodes.

The drama production representative continued, “The lineup will almost be finished and will soon go into production.”

“Golden Rainbow” plans to start filming in September and air the first episode in November.