Kim Yoo Jung is considering starring in the film “The Eighth Night” (literal title)!

On February 18, it was reported that the actress will be starring in the film. In response to the reports, her agency SidusHQ clarified, “After receiving the offer to star in the film ‘The Eighth Night,’ Kim Yoo Jung is reviewing the script.” The agency added, “It is not yet confirmed that she will be taking on the role. It is one of the multiple projects that she has been offered.”

If Kim Yoo Jung takes on this project, she will be starring alongside Lee Sung Min, who’s been confirmed to take on the project.

“The Eighth Night” is about a man who was an exorcist in the past and is living with difficult pain. However, the evil that was sealed away gets released, and he now has to face the evil. Kim Yoo Jung has been offered the role of a psychic who holds an important key to the situation.

Recently, Kim Yoo Jung finished filming for “Clean with Passion for Now.” Watch the drama on Viki below!

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